Bridging the Digital Divide

LA Tech Cares is committed to providing high-speed internet access for LA’s Most Underserved Students

Because education is for all

Give students access to technology that will help them thrive.

The COVID-19 crisis has exacerbated the inequities across American public schools.

For most of us, online access is a given, but for many low income families, the cost of monthly WiFi connection is simply unaffordable.

The lack of access to high-speed internet threatens to derail educational advancement for our most vulnerable students.


Partner with us in providing high-speed internet access to students and their families who are on the frontlines of the pandemic.

Education is for everyone… regardless of your ethnicity or socioeconomic status. Internet access matters. It’s not a luxury. It’s a necessity.

Kwanza Jones

A personal message from co-founder Kwanza Jones

Give students access to technology that will provide:




Crucial academic


A continued
path to college

For our most vulnerable students, internet access is a lifeline to their future.

We provided over 800 kids with WiFi hotspots but there's more to do to equalize opportunities and bridge the digital divide.

Make an impact by helping us raise our goal of $250,000.

Your contribution will provide students with the resources they need to continue to thrive and grow academically this school year.


Delivering WiFi hotspots to households across LA enables us to connect high-potential students to a world-class education at a modest cost.

Brett Brewer

LA Tech Cares is Co-Founded by


Kwanza Jones


Brian Lee


Brian Lee

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Help students get the digital access
they need to start the school year strong.

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