Join LA Tech Cares in supporting this year's partner,, and power the next generations of tech leaders. is a nonprofit coalition founded by LA's tech community to expand economic opportunity for under-served communities.

Increasing economic opportunity is good for LA

Giving a student given access to a tech career earns an additional $2M over their lifetime compared to the median salary in LA County*.

*Per a study by Measure of America 

Every 1,000 young people who enter into a career in tech, yield up to a $2 billion return on our investment

Empower students is committed to diversity.

2022 Academy Impact Report

Chart Talent By Source
Chart Gender
LA Tech Cares Ethnicity Chart 2023

370 Total Placements in 2022: 98% of total placements identify as BIPOC, 42% attend community college, and 52% identify as female

Investing in LA's talent is one of the highest impact investments we can make. Join us and make change.

Creating career pathways in tech

By investing in untapped local talent from low income communities of color, we ensure the diverse and vibrant future of the growing tech sector.

Meet the Scholars

Education is for everyone… regardless of your ethnicity or socioeconomic status.

Kwanza Jones

LA Tech Cares is Powering Possibilities


Career readiness tools and coaching


Paid internships that lead to employment in the tech industry


New opportunities and a reimagined future powered by technology

Make an impact by helping us raise our goal of $250,000

Since forming LA Tech Cares in 2020, we have provided support to thousands of students across LA County:

High speed internet for students from under-served communities in response to COVID-19

Mental health enrichment programs for students who lost access during the pandemic

Programs that provide rigorous and engaging computer science education for students in low-income areas

There has never been a more important time to step up for Los Angeles’ children.

Brett Brewer

LA Tech Cares is Co-Founded by

Brett Brewer
Nick Kim

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Help students get the support and knowledge
they need to recover and thrive.

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