Empowering Students through Technology

LA Tech Cares is committed to providing rigorous, engaging computer science education to students in low-income communities across Los Angeles.

Because education is for all

Empower students to learn coding and re-imagine their futures.

The tech sector offers some of the highest paying, highest growth jobs in our economy, yet low-income communities often lack computer science classes in their schools.

We have an opportunity to strengthen and diversify the pipeline of the next generation of technology workers by reaching students while they're in elementary school.

Students who learn computer science skills develop a love problem solving and are better equipped for 21st century jobs.

Empower studants

Partner with us in providing students with rigorous, engaging computer science education in Title I schools across Los Angeles.

Education is for everyone… regardless of your ethnicity or socioeconomic status.

Kwanza Jones

Give students access to programs that will provide:


Specially designed
K-6 curriculum and
learning pathways


Teacher tools for
computer science


New opportunities and
a reimagined future
powered by technology

In 2021, with your support, we worked to help Los Angeles' most impacted students recover from the academic, social, and emotional trauma experienced during the pandemic.

Make an impact by helping us raise our goal of $300,000

Your contribution will equip students with the tools and skills they need for success in our tech-powered future.


There has never been a more important time to step up for Los Angeles’ children.

Brett Brewer

LA Tech Cares is Co-Founded by


Kwanza Jones


Brett Brewer


Brian Lee

Our Partners


Help students get the support and knowledge
they need to recover and thrive.

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